How We Work

We believe consistent communication is key to a successful project
Phase 1:
Initial consultation

We start the process with a complimentary consultation during which we talk through the possibilities and assess your needs so that we can work out the best solution for you.

Phase 2:
A bespoke design just for you

A high level proposal maps out the options so that with our help, you can narrow down the perfect bespoke solution for you.

Once agreed, we create a detailed design ready for the installation to proceed.

Phase 3:
Careful, considerate and always professional

If there are other works happening at the same time we will work with other contractors throughout the installation and commissioning process.

For stand alone projects we can provide a complete service.

Phase 4:
With you into the future

Once your system is in place and tailored for you, we can support you on an ongoing basis to keep your system running smoothly and securely. Adding and configuring new capability as required and as your needs change.

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