Home Automation

Smart Home is not just about smart tech but an integrated approach to making the most of todays technology

In the excitement of finding the latest technology it is sometimes easy to forget that we need to use the technology every day. Lights need to turn on when you walk in a room, not after you have got your phone out and found the app to control them. That is why every smart home solution we install is implemented with a focus on how it will be used every day.

Easily accessible controls that are intuative and do what is expeted without the need to think about it are key to a successful smart home installation. We make sure that light switches are available where needed, there is just one remote for controlling the TV and streaming services and when you want to find out what is happening at home while you are away there is just one place you need to look.

Control solutions such as Control4 bring togeether all aspects of your smart home from intellgent lighting and shading to multiroom audio in one place and make it easy to control.