Cinema Rooms

Escape from it all with your own dedicated cinema room

Home Cinema

What is a home cinema?

We think of a home cinema as a room that is dedicated to just that - bringing the big screen cinema experience into your home. Watching on a big screen with immersive surround sound and dedicated seating without the disadvantages of a public venue is an amazing experience. Escape! Turn off the world and step into the story.

It’s not just for films! There's ‘event TV’ – box sets like The Wire, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, just as well-made as blockbuster films, genuinely captivating but they go on for hours – and you can’t even see them in commercial cinemas. Then there’s major sporting events and gaming – enjoy them all on a huge screen with fantastic sound.

If you want all of this but the room needs to be available for other uses such as a sitting room or a playroom, then take a look at our Media Rooms page.

Layout and Seating

Working closely with you, we will design a detailed layout taking into account the space needed for seating, general access, viewing angles, speaker positioning, projector throw distances and much more! With careful design you can even have a 10-seater cinema in an average sized room – watch a webinar on how we did this below:

With access to a wide range of dedicated cinema seating manufacturers, we can get the right seats for your cinema. Off the shelf or fully bespoke, there are plenty of options to choose from.

AV and Acoustic Design

There is a vast choice of AV equipment too and by understanding your requirements, we will bring together the best components for your cinema room experience.

This experience is heavily influenced by the acoustic properties of the room. We take care to ensure that the room is ‘treated’ so that the room can portray the audio experience the director intended when he shot the film whether that is feeling like you are floating around in space or enclosed in a tiny space capsule!

We can also include elements in the design to reduce sound transmission to other rooms; while we cannot isolate the room completely acoustic isolation techniques can make a big difference.

Interior Design

The experience in the room is not just about the audio and video; the interior decoration and lighting plays a big part. Your home cinema will be personal to you and we can help you design the look and feel of the room to make it a special place to be.

Bring it all together

There is a lot more to designing the perfect home cinema than covered here, so if you want to know more then please get in contact with us for a free, no-obligation discussion.

Let us use our experience to engineer the perfect room for you. We will ensure that everyone enjoys a special experience every time they sit down for a movie.