Smart Home Technology

Making The Most Of Home Technology

Simple,high performing home technology systems

Home Cinema and Media Rooms

Bring the cinema experience into the comfort of your own home. We can transform a room from sitting room to cinema at the touch of a button so you can have a cinema experience and still keep your lounge. Make your evening in front of the box a bit special with a big screen and surround sound or just make that mass of wires and the multiple remotes disappear.

Data and WiFi

A reliable data network is a critical component of a modern home. A poorly designed data network and WiFi causes slow connections, patchy coverage and frustrating glitches while using the internet from wired or wireless devices. We can provide a robust solution with full home coverage to make the most of your broadband connection including appropriate access control for guests and younger family members.

Lighting and Shading

Advanced lighting to potentially control both artificial light as well as natural daylight using blinds/curtains to create a scene-setting system whilst reducing energy consumption. Our solutions provide convenient access to control light, creating a comfortable atmosphere to support your activities when you are home and simulating occupancy when you are away. We can provide a lighting design service to ensure your home is lit to its best advantage.

Distributed Video

Watch in any room. With your video sources (Sky, BT YouView, AppleTV etc) hidden away in one location, there’s less technology clutter in the rooms that matter. You can watch in any room, even pause in one room then carry on in another.

Multi-room Audio

Liberate your music from the computer and make the most of your smartphone music collections. Bring your music to life with a wide range of quality built in speakers throughout your home. Your music collection, radio and streamed music services can be different in every room or choose party mode so the whole house can rock to the same tunes.

Heating and Security

Peace of mind knowing what’s going on. With fingertip information on the status of heating and security systems (including door entry) you can be sure you are not wasting energy and know that everything is secure, whether you are at home or away.

Gaming, TV and Audio

All of the convenience, none of the hassle.

The technology in today's homes is constantly evolving and providing more and more solutions to make your life easier. It can however go too far and leave you with a bewildering array of remote controls, endless independent apps and unreliable systems that you are not quite sure are going to work.

Our solutions look at your home and the technology as a whole to ensure that everything works as one seamless entity. You can choose from handheld remotes, dedicated keypads and touchscreens or even a single app on your smartphone so you can make the most of what modern connected homes can offer.

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