Media Rooms

Transform an everyday room into a big screen experience!

Media Rooms

A Media Room differs from a Cinema Room by not being a room dedicated to a big screen experience. They can still offer an amazing audio-visual experience but are equally suited to other uses such as an everyday family room, the main sitting room or playroom. If you like the sound of a dedicated home cinema room then please take a look at our Cinema Rooms page.

The boundary between a cinema and media room can be blurry. With blackout blinds and careful use of lighting, colour, and materials we can make a media room that feels very ‘cinematic’ when needed.

Layout and Seating

Media rooms are multi-functional spaces, so we take great care to understand how you want to use all aspects of the room and the level of importance you place on the audio-visual elements. Many of the same considerations as a cinema room are still required to ensure appropriate size and positioning of speakers, screen, seating etc

Seating is likely to be more flexible, maybe with sofas arranged for conversation as well as watching TV or listening to audio.

AV, Acoustic and Interior Design

The technology in a Media room is generally peripheral to the look and feel of the room so installing technology that is discreet can be more important than ever.

For example, a manual or automated articulated TV mount can be used to keep the TV flat against the wall or even hidden behind a panel or a picture on the wall and only visible when required. It is also possible for projectors and the screen to be hidden in the ceiling, only dropping down when you decide to watch something.

Flush in-wall or ceiling speakers are also less intrusive than free-standing speakers and Invisible speakers allow you to completely hide the speaker! Despite these aesthetic benefits, all of these types of speakers can offer amazing audio quality - perhaps book a meeting with us in our demo suite where you can experience some of the options available. We challenge you to locate the invisible speaker!

Virtually all rooms will benefit from some form of acoustic treatment. Not only will it improve the audio-visual experience, it can make a room a nicer place to be, even in everyday use. We have a wide range of acoustic treatment that can blend and compliment your décor; even with high resolution printed covers to show off your favourite artwork!

Automated Control

With an integrated approach to technology you can transform your everyday room with a simple press of a button. For example, if you choose to watch a movie, the sitting room could automatically transform ready for big screen entertainment...big screen appears, the blinds close, the lights dim and in winter the fire automatically lights to provide you with a truly cosy movie experience!

Bring it all together

There is a lot more to designing the perfect media room than covered here. If you want to know more then please get in contact with us for a free, no-obligation discussion and let us use our experience to engineer the perfect room for you.