Alcove TV

Large screen TV with sound bar (for improved audio) mounted on a robust articulated bracket that allows the TV to be viewed from multiple locations within the room.

Alcove TV


Our client had asked us to upgrade their lighting to intelligent lighting and install some multi room audio and video solutions. Part of this was to tidy up the TV corner in their main living room. The current set up was unsatifactory in terms of audio performance and with the various sources on show in a cabinet below the TV it looked untidy.


An equipment rack was installed in the basement and cables run from there to the wall behind the TV. The sources could then be moved out of sight and also shared with other TVs around the house. A high quality articulating mount from Future Automation was used to ensure that the TV remained level as it was moved out which could be easily achieved with a gentle pull.

Control of the TV was integrated into the whole home automation solution so that a button on the light switch at the door can be used to turn the TV on to a favourite channel, a single remote used to control whatever source is in use and the whole room, including lights turned off at the door when you leave.

Equipment Choice

Surround sound was provided by a Sonos Playbar, two Play1s and a Sub. This gives a room filling sound, a significant improvement on the TV speakers!


The resulting room is much neater. There are no source boxes visible and the TV appears to float in the corner of the room. It can also easily be moved back into the corner reducing it's presence in the room when not in use.