Less is more!

A 'zone' that delivers a high quality listening and viewing experience without compromising the stunning architect designed garden room.

Less is more!


As part of a whole home renovation project, we were asked to help with the design, installation and commissioning of the media solution for a garden room. The room was architect designed to complement the features of the original building and would provide a route into the garden. Any media solution therefore had to be sympathetic to the design of the room and not to encroach on the pathway to the garden. High quality audio was a priority as the room was to be used for listening to music as well as for watching TV.


The layout of the room with an uniterrupted wall on one side gave the perfect opportunity for a wall mounted solution. A standard wall mounted screen would be viewed end on as you entered the room and there was sufficient depth to build a false wall so flush mounting was chosen to ensure a clean look with flush mounted speakers complementing the screen.

Equipment choice

With minimal soft furnishings in a room with significant glass area there was a risk of the audio performance being compromised by poor accoustics in the room. To counter this Meridian DSP speakers were chosen. these speakers can be tuned to their environment ensuring that you get the best possible sound once installed.

The Sony TV was mounted on an extending bracket to allow access to the back of the screen should that be required for servicing.


A minimal gap was required around the screen so we worked very closely with the building contractors to ensure a perfect fit. Detailed drawings were produced showing the routes for all cables, positioning of studwork and locations of sockets. We installed the speaker back boxes at the relevant time so that there was no delay in construction providing support to the building contractor throughout the process.

Once the building work was complete and the area was clean and free from building dust, the speakers and TV were installed. Finally the speakers were tuned to ensure the best possible performance.


The result was a media room with a very clean look and exceptional audio performance.

The BrownHen team made every effort to understand all my requirements including getting to know my likes and dislikes. With everything planned and co-ordinated to the last detail from design, to build and installation the job was completed smoothly and on time with no fuss, a perfect result in so many ways.
— Mr A

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