Manor Reborn

A garden room that allows you to bring the outdoors in or take the indoors audio and video out.

Bringing the outdoors in.


The architect’s design provides a new beautifully formed garden room and glazed link to a Grade 2* listed manor house which over time had lost its relationship with the garden, resulting in a stunning contemporary extension, ancillary accommodation and remodelled family garden providing enrichment to the original building dating back to C17th and earlier. BrownHen were asked to complement this design and vision by introducing the latest technology sympathetically throughout the original house, the new extension and beyond into the garden.

The garden room audio and video was to  be disgined so that it provided a stunning experience both in the room which could be extended into the surrounding garden space.


The fully recessed TV and surround sound speaker system along with the subwoofer hidden away in a beautiful handcrafted bespoke wooden cabinet allow you to enjoy the beauty of the garden room flooded with sunlight. Three additional audio zones in the garden extend the audio and the screen is positioned high enough that it can be seen from outside. This enabled a truly seamless link with the garden by simply sliding back the patio doors and control the outdoor tech with the conveniently located touchscreen.

If you choose to watch a movie, the room automatically transforms from a garden room into your own home cinema...big screen turns on, the blinds close, the lights dim and in winter the fire automatically lights to provide you with a truly cosy movie experience.

Awning control was added with safety features to automatically retract if it gets too windy. Even the fountain and associated lighting is all fully integrated with the home automation system so you can enjoy the soothing sound of water with the touch of a button.

Elsewhere in the home, security cameras are installed around the property including neatly installed on lamppost to give you peace of mind even at night with the built in night vision. Full acess to the alarm system while away from home means you can check in at any time. A robust wired and wireless network is installed so that you can be sure of good internet connectivity wherever you are.

In the kitchen, flexible mounting of the TV using a sturdy Future Automation mount allows it to be watched while preparing food or sitting relaxing after dinner. When not in use it can be neatly tucked against the wall (No more drooping swivel TV mounts for this kitchen!) and custom install speakers chosen to match the narrow spaces between original oak beams.

Equipment Choice

A wide variety of manufacturers were chosen to ensure the best equipment for each role. Internal speaker by KEF, external speakers by Sonance, lighting by Control4, Collingwood and Orluna, network by Draytek and Ruckus, shading by Lutron plus a number of other brands, each playing to their strengths to provide a reliable whole home automation system.


Working with Hetreed Ross Architects, Wraxall Builders and Selby Landscapes from the start of the project we were able to help ensure that the design details were correct. Whether in ensuring that the right ducting was in place to cater for the cabling required or working with the architect to ensure sufficient space for the speakers in the ceiling void, we were involved at every stage of the project. A number of innovations were included in the design, one of which was to use a wire coat rack in front of the lighting panel for extra storage while still keeping ventilation.


The resulting home technology solution is unobtrusive but effective, seamlessly integrating a wide variety of technology into a home designed for family life.

Photography courtesy of Jason Harris Photography.

I have been delighted with how BrownHen have designed and implemented a solution that seemlessley spans both the new extension and garden as well into the existing house. They have supported all trades from tender through to ongoing support with dedication and attention to detail.
— Mr B

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