Outdoor Entertainment

Outdoor entertainment area superbly integrated with intelligent lighting, multiple audio zones, uninterrupted Wi-Fi coverage and subtle automation to simplify the whole experience

Outdoor Entertainment

Outdoor entertainment area superbly integrated with intelligent lighting, multiple audio zones and subtle automation to simplify the whole experience.


Outdoor entertainment is becoming increasingly popular and it was important to maximise the opportunity to enjoy the outdoor space irrespective of weather or time of day. A lighting scheme and the addition of audio across the whole area, so that it can be localised to one area or shared across the whole space for those special party occasions. With flexibility can come complexity, so it was important to have expertly crafted automation to make operation simple and allow the whole family to enjoy the experience. In the modern world we live in it was of course critical that the whole house WiFi coverage was extended throughout the new indoor and outdoor entertainment area.


Working with Collingwood, BrownHen developed a lighting scheme linking the new indoor and outdoor space together as well as with the main house. Intelligent lighting control from Control4 operates a complementary set of lighting fixtures from Collingwood and Orluna This allows you to create the perfect mood wherever you are around the pool, whether that be a late night swim, cooking and entertaining with a BBQ or simply enjoying a quiet drink, all with a touch of a button.

Inside, the ‘infinity’ wall in the lounge is brought to life with adjustable coloured lighting, the coving LED around the room give the impression that the ceiling is floating and task lighting provided with elegant ceiling spots and recessed over-counter LED strips. This all extends perfectly to the outside area and beyond helping to integrate the whole space, indoor and out, with the main house.

Audio is delivered as an extension to the existing Contro4 system adding a further 3 audio zones (Lounge, BBQ and around the Pool) that can be controlled individually or grouped together providing the flexibility whether you are enjoying some time to yourself or throwing a party with friends and family!

Using Control4 and years of BrownHen automation experience, operation is flexible yet simple whether that be using the indoor touchscreen, the outdoor smart keypad or your mobile phone. The smart keypad for example includes single buttons for a ‘BBQ’ or ‘Swim’ as well as the ability to skip tracks or change volume. The ‘Swim’ button automatically opens the pool cover, turns on relevant lights and starts your favourite playlist. When you press the ‘Off’ button, it closes the pool cover, turns off all music and lights except the path leading back to the house which remain on for 5 minutes to allow you to return safely back to the house when its dark.


Many trades including Hetreed Ross Architects and Thomas & Thomas Builders were involved to build this outdoor space and BrownHen supplied design documentation and worked with them all closely throughout the project. Much of this hard work is hidden but is all critical in achieving the final result. This includes working with the architect and builder to ensure that cables can be routed invisibly to lighting, speaker etc. locations, the electrician to ensure lights are installed on the correct circuits, pool installers so that we can integrate with underwater lighting and the automated pool cover, even the outdoor kitchen specialist to ensure our smart keypad fits perfectly into the stone upstand. Most important of all is taking time to understand what the customer wanted to achieve so that we can complement with the most suitable technology solutions and support them throughout.


The images really speak for themselves with everyone expressing how impressive the whole experience is when they are lucky enough to visit.

Photography courtesy of Pete Helme Photography.